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Our Services


Water Mains


We can replace underground mains water supply pipes with minimum disturbance.

There are many reasons for replacing your existing underground pipe-work and these include: 

  • poor water pressure

  • lead contaminated water

  • recurring leaks

  • clogging and limescale

Replacing your lead water pipe with a plastic one can eliminate all of these problems. 

Call or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for advice, if you think you may need a new water supply pipe.


Moling or

Trench-less Digging

The process of moling (trench-less technology) allows the installation, repair or renewal of underground water pipes, with the minimum disruption to the property.

This trenchless technique is ideal for use under driveways, pathways and gardens where new or replacement services are required without disturbing the surface above. 

Our ability to install services with no surface disruption, other than at entry and exit points, is a major advantage over open cut excavation methods, eliminating the time and cost of surface reinstatement and inconvenience to the homeowner.


Water Mains

Pipe Repairs

A repair rather than a complete renewal of a mains water supply pipe can be a more cost effective way of eliminating a water leak. However, if the pipe is in poor condition, the repair may only solve the problem short term.

Once we have located the position of the water leak, we can determine the pipe's condition and advise you on the likelihood of further problems and an appropriate course of action.

If you suspect a leak on your mains water supply pipe, you can call or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page for advice.


What Is My Responsibility?

Responsibility of water supply pipe to house

The communication pipe, which runs from the mains water supply in the street to the boundary of your property belongs to the local water authority and is their responsibility to maintain.

The water supply pipe, which runs from the boundary of your property to the point where it enters your home belongs to the homeowner and it is their responsibility to maintain it.

If you feel unsure or have any questions about your water supply, you can call or contact us using the form or contact details at the bottom of this page.

Fresh mains water supply in Portsmouth, Hampshire

About Us

With over 30 years of experience in the water industry, RJ Water Pipes provide a professional and comprehensive service using the latest trenchless technology and moling equipment to lay, replace and repair underground water supply pipes.  


Our service covers HAMPSHIRE, WEST SUSSEX and SURREY, we provide everything from large diameter Water Mains to the smaller Water Supply Pipes that feed the average home.  

As a small family run company, we are able to offer our customers a saving of up to 40% compared to our larger competitors. We pride ourselves on delivering a courteous, reliable and cost effective solution to any underground water works, with minimum disruption to our clients and their property. 



Meet The Team

RJ Water Pipes owner. Mains water supply specialist


Roger is a specialist in Moling, installations of new water mains and repairs to leaking supply pipes. He has thirty years worth of experience in the water industry.

RJ Water Pipes water mains installation expert


Steve is experienced in the installation of larger sized water mains and electrofusion connections and has been with the company for eight years.

RJ Water Pipes apprentice water supply pipe engineer


Henry is an apprentice supply pipe engineer and has currently spent two years on-site training with RJ Water Pipes.


What Our Clients Say




Roger came very promptly to repair the leak on our side of water company stop cock. The repair is neat and very professional and we are more than pleased with the result. He is very polite, easy to talk to about the problem and the suggested repair and we would be more than happy to use his services in the future.




I chose R J Waterpipes from the first class reviews on Checkatrade. I was not disappointed. From my initial enquiry, through to an on-site discussion and follow up quotation and finally to carrying out the works as specified, I can only describe RJW as an absolutely first class company to deal with. Our on site discussions resulted in a considerable saving against an alternative quote. Throughout the whole process , everything happened just as they specified. Roger and his team really are just what you want when dealing with something that is outside your comfort zone.They really are the best.




Very arduous and difficult work, drilling through hard clay and stones the length of our garden to install the new water pipe. Professionally and courteously done, and at a good price. I can see why this firm is an approved contractor for Portsmouth Water.


Water Safe local approved plumber in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Water Industry approved external services certfication in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
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RJ Water Pipes Ltd

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK.

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