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Lead water pipe replacement
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Lead supply pipe health risks.

Lead comes from many sources, such as car exhausts and old paint work. It may be naturally present in air, food, soil and in water. Lead can be harmful to health, especially for young children and unborn babies. The water from our treatment works supplied through our mains to the boundary of properties contains virtually no lead. But the water can dissolve tiny amounts of lead from the inside of lead supply pipes and internal plumbing. As a result, the water coming out of your pipe may contain more lead than the drinking water standards allow. Report on lead supply pipes from Portsmouth water:  http://www.portsmouthwater.co.uk/customer_services/default2.aspx?id=720


                  Lead water pipe replacement taking place using the moling technique !

How do i know if i have lead pipes ?

Many houses built before 1970 have lead plumbing and also a lead supply pipe which connects the property to the water main in the street. If your home was built after 1970 it is unlikely to have lead pipes. A simple check is to look at the pipework in your kitchen. Find the pipe leading to the internal stop tap (usually under the kitchen sink). Lead pipes are dark grey (under any paint) and are soft and easily marked. This is only a guide and not conclusive - always seek professional advice.