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Moling (Trenchless technology)

The process of moling (trenchless technology) allows the installation or renewal of underground pipes, with the minimum disruption to the property.

This trenchless technique is ideal for using in driveways, pathways and gardens where new or replacement services are required without disturbing the surface above.

RJ water pipes Services commonly uses a 45mm Grundomat Mole for installation of pipes up to 1 inch diameter. We carry out an initial site survey before moling to assess whether there are any existing underground services in the area.  

Lead pipe replacement using moling method.

The customer was extremely happy with what R J water pipes had done here.
The property in the video was originally a summer house which was converted. The beautiful garden plays host to summer fates every year and the water supply to the building was very poor. To cater for over 100 people there are 4 toilets in the building including a disabled facility. The pressure was so poor that during the busy summer months the toilets would block due to insufficient water supply to flush and fill all the toilets.

R j water pipes installed a larger 32mm diameter MDPE water supply pipe which increased the flow & pressure dramatically, replacing the old lead pipe.

Grundomat mole