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Water supply pipe replacement & moling
Lead water pipe replacement
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 Water mains repairs

How to check if you have a leaking supply pipe:

  • Damp patch in the garden, driveway or anywhere during dry weather
  • Grass is greener in some places more than others
  • Marked drop in water pressure
How to check for leaks if you have a meter:
  1. Shut off all taps in property including the tap under your sink or on your rising main.
  2. Lift the cover of your water meter and if any dials are moving there is a problem from your meter to your house


Water mains supply pipe repair on 63mm MDPE supply.

Repairs to underground water supply pipes

Rj Water will locate, excavate and repair leaking underground water supply pipes.

A repair rather than a complete renewal of a water supply pipe can be a more cost effective way to eliminate a water leak. However, if the pipe is in a poor condition, the repair may only solve the problem short term.

Once Rj water has located your water supply pipe and the position of the leak, we can determine it`s condition, advise on the likely hood of further leaks and an appropriate course of action.