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Lead water pipe replacement
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What will it cost to replace my water supply pipe ?

The cost to replace the water supply pipe from the boundary stop cock or meter, to your existing internal stop cock depends on the distance between these two points.

Simply call or email R J Water Pipes with these details to get a fast accurate quote.

Its a simple as that !

R J Water Pipes will issue a complete start to finish price with no hidden extras which includes: 

  1. Moling.
  2. Pipe & fittings.
  3. Cavity wall drilled & supply pipe ducted & insulated on entry (As per regulations).
  4. Connections to external stop cock & internal pipe work.
  5. New internal stop cock & drain off fitted.
  6. All reinstatement.
  7. Water industry approved certificate.

R J water pipes will also not add Vat, so the price quoted will be a complete cost !

So call us on. Tel: 02392 597549 or Mob: 07894996987 to get a hassle free accurate quote.

Alternatively Email us with the length of supply pipe to receive a quote within 24hrs.